Brian Glorioso is Fighting for Inshore Anglers

Brian Glorioso is Fighting for Inshore Anglers

The greatest threat to fishing isn’t coastal erosion, it’s the people who want to take it away. This man is stepping up to those people to fight for inshore anglers.

These days I get solicited a lot:
“Hey man, endorse my Gizmo 3000”
“Let’s go into business selling squirrel fanny packs”
…or whatever.
I always (politely) turn them away because whatever they’re scheming isn’t aligned with my number one goal.
That goal is to help you have fun catching fish!
But if I had to identify the number one threat to inshore fishing it’d be the water access issue.

What is the water access issue?

In a nutshell, there are wealthy people who have taken advantage of loopholes in the law to keep ordinary folks like you and me from fishing in water we are otherwise legally entitled to fish in.
I know. It’s crazy.
What’s even crazier is that these “fellow Louisianans”, the same people quick to thank a Marine for his service and fly a flag on Memorial Day, are so adamant about this totally un-American practice.
Which is odd, since Louisiana is the only state allowing this chicanery.

the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.
“an underhanded person who schemes corruption and political chicanery behind closed doors”

The Tide is Turning

For years this swindling of the public has been going on, but it’s all coming to a head.
People are growing tired of it and have stepped up to the plate to bat for what’s right.
We’ve seen the rise of a grass-roots organization like Louisiana Sportsman’s Coalition to boldly fight this issue (when CCA Louisiana didn’t).
And, in my own little corner of Louisiana, we are witnessing this trend once again.

Enter Brian Glorioso

Earlier this summer Brian reached out to me, not with a gizmo or squirrel fanny packs, but wanting to touch on the very serious water access issue.
I was intrigued, because earlier he announced his candidacy for State Representative District 90, a district encompassing a portion of St. Tammany Parish..
So we had lunch, talked fishing and mulled over water access.
After the experience I feel he’s one of us and has his heart in the right place.
Hell, he is one of us. He actually goes fishing and has fishing reports you can read inside LAFB Inshore.


I think that if things were fine he wouldn’t be running for office.
He’s a businessman, and being a state representative isn’t anything glamorous and certainly doesn’t pay well.
They barely make enough to cover expenses, not to mention the huge time-drain of dealing with the public and traveling to Baton Rouge.
It’s not a responsibility I’d ever desire to take on and have a huge respect for those who do (and don’t abuse it).

What This Is All About

Guys, I’m trying not to be corny about this.
This isn’t a political endorsement, I write in a friggin’ fishing blog for goodness’ sake.
I’m just telling y’all I feel it’s important you guys know who Brian Glorioso is.
He’s one of us, an American patriot, tired of the rigamarole, who has risen to the occasion to do a dull and demanding job no one wants.
Well, no one but a career politician.

Speaking of which… The office he’s running for was occupied by one Greg Cromer, who was just inaugurated as Slidell’s mayor.
Congratulations to him! I just want to note here that when HB391 was on the House Floor Greg wasn’t there.
I guess he was busy running for mayor, which is certainly more important than, I dunno, representing his constituents.
NOTE: Greg, help Brian get into office and we’ll forgive you. 😉

Moving on…


I really don’t care for politics. Even if I did I’d be horrible at it because I’m so quick to call a duck “a duck”.
But, you should know about Brian, because he’s doing the right thing when so many others we depended on didn’t.
Tight lines, y’all! Be sure to show some support and like Brian’s Facebook Page.

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